Male Enhancement 101: Understanding Nitric Oxide

Male Enhancement 101: Understanding Nitric Oxide

When you research about male enhancement — about male enhancement supplements in particular — and the science behind an erection, one of usual topics is about nitric oxide (systemic name: nitrogen monoxide).

Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule composed of one atom of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen. It is produced when enzymes in your body break down the amino acid L-arginine, a common ingredient in male enhancement supplements.

Nitric oxide is used by your body for cellular communication and it travels freely from cell to cell, directing and facilitating a number of important functions. It can act as an intracellular messenger, a hormone, or a neurotransmitter. As an intracellular messenger, nitric oxide regulates one of the body’s most important processes — blood flow.

Nitric oxide is manufactured within the endothelial cells that line the inside of your blood vessels and is released when these cells are stimulated. Once released, nitric oxide diffuses across the endothelial cell membrane into the adjacent smooth muscle tissue of the blood vessels, causing them to relax and widen. This process is known as vasodilation.

The release of nitric oxide from nerve endings in your penis triggers an erection, and as more nitric oxide is released, the wider the blood vessels become. This causes more blood to enter your penis and enables it to become harder and sustain the erection.

Male Enhancer Supplements Boost Nitric Oxide Production

As mentioned above, your body needs the amino acid L-arginine to produce nitric oxide. L-arginine can be found in animal and plant proteins such as beef, chicken, fish, and nuts. Your L-arginine levels decrease as you age, and so does your nitric oxide production. You can take an L-arginine supplement but it will be better to take a quality male enhancement supplement that contains L-arginine and other natural ingredients that can boost its vasodilation effects.

Look for male enhancement supplements that contain the herbs Cnidium Monnieri, Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, and Yohimbe Bark Extract. Cnidium Monnieri and Tribulus Terrestris help increase and regulate nitric oxide levels in your body. Cnidium also mimics the effects of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, which inhibits the erection-destroying enzyme PDE5. Ginsenosides, the active compounds found in the Panax, Red, and Siberian Ginseng varieties, have been shown to promote the release of nitric oxide. Yohimbe is one of the most powerful natural vasodilators known to man.

Increased nitric oxide production is just one of the benefits of taking a male enhancement supplement, which also help boost sperm production, heighten orgasms, improve stamina, increase libido, and support overall sexual health.


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