How to Perform Jelqing Male Enhancement Exercises

Male enhancement exercises are usually associated with jelqing, penis exercises believed to have originated in the Middle East. Legend has it that fathers teach their sons the jelqing male enhancement exercise as a rite of passage to prepare them for sexual relationships. Whatever the origin of the word, jelqing has become the most common term for male enhancement exercises.

Jelqing is used to increase length and girth at the same time. Like other male enhancement exercises, jelqing starts with a warm-up, which involves a warm bath or a towel soaked in warm water applied to the penile. Increasing the temperature helps boost the flow of blood to the penile and prepare it for the male enhancement exercise.

The warm-up takes between 10 to 15 minutes. If you choose the warm bath, you’ll only need to soak your penile, not your entire body. You’d be surprised to learn that your penile can actually tolerate hot temperature a lot more than you think. Start with lukewarm water and gradually increase the temperature. Since the hot temperature is not good for your sperm and testicles, try your best not to expose them to the heat.

If you’re using a warm towel, wrap it around your penis until you feel that it is becoming lukewarm. Soak the towel again in warm water and repeat the procedure. The towel should be hot enough that it’s almost exceeding your maximum tolerance. You should be safe as long as you’re not soaking the towel in boiling water.

The actual male enhancement exercises take about 20-30 minutes. Remember: the jelqing method should only be performed on a semi-erect penis and never on an erect penis – male enhancement exercises are not the same as masturbating. Apply a lubricant before starting the massaging, milking, and stretching movements. Use your thumb and index finger to form a ring that will encircle the base of the shaft of your penis. Start from the base and move up until you reach the base of the glans and repeat the procedure using your other hand. Make sure that no blood escapes your penis.

The average jelqing workout consists of about 100 to 200 repetitions. Stop jelqing immediately if you experience any discomfort or pain or if your penis becomes erect. You should not allow yourself to ejaculate and if the urge becomes apparent, you’ll need to pause momentarily.

Advocates of male enhancement exercises believe that taking a male enhancement products as part of the exercise regimen will help boost the results.


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